"Johanson couldn't have been more authentic and animated...what Johanson does is impress the audience with his talented mobility and enthusiasm...He wins it all." - Don Stotter, WINZ Radio

"It was just like a movie...In steps understudy Don Johanson and scores personal and professional triumph. The role of Bill a physical rigorous one, a role that requires the ability to act, sing, dance, do comedy amd the ability to do acrobatic shtick. Johanson was more than up to all of these things. He literally carries the weight of the musical comedy on his diminutive shoulders and he received a well deserved standing ovation." -Buddy Clark, WKAT Radio

"Wonderful...He's short, he's nimble, he's quick, he's funny; he sings with Music Hall flourishes, acts with cheeky charm and dances with both farcical mockery and Fred Astaire suaveness. When he plays with a long, red cape or a bear rug, his comedy is inspired lunacy." -Sam Hirsch, WNWS TV

Click here for the New York Times article about the jumpers of the 2004 Broadway production of Jumpers.

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